Millwork and Industrial Wood Components

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  Gulf Trading's Millwork resource base is vast with product being produced in the following countries Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Mexico, Uruguay, and the United States.

Softwood Industrial Lumber
  • Shop Grades
  • Moulding Grades
  • 1x2-4 Roof Battens
  • Wire Bound Boxes
  • 1x3 Bed frame

  • The above available in Ponderosa, Radiata, Sugar Pine, and Douglas Fir.

    Cut Stock and Millwork

  • Pine/Fir cut stock (blocks and blanks)
  • Solid Styles and Rails
  • Edge Bands
  • Door Panels
  • Interior Flat Jambs (these are available in raw, primed, veneer, and solid)
  • Oak Veneered Jambs (these are available in lumber core, and solid edge bands)
  • Exterior Frames (these are available with kerf/head and sill dado, raw and primed)
  • Finger Joint Moulding (primed, raw, or jesso) these are available in base, casing, crown, cove, chair rail, brick moulding, stops and many more
  • Solid Linear Mouldings
  • Interior Doors (solid or hollow core)
  • Exterior Doors

  • The above are available in the following species Ponderosa Pine, Radiata, sugar, Taeda, Elliotis, Douglas Fr, and Chinese Fir.

    Millwork has such variation and dimension to the category, please give us your specifications and we will be happy to measure up to them.